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The Trusts & Estates Section

This Section and its working committees deal with issues such as estate planning; trust administration; probate of decedents’ estates; avoidance of probate; and the protection of incompetents and their assets through guardianships and conservatorships.

Section Leadership

Joseph G. Goldman
Joseph G. GoldmanCo-Chair
joe.goldman [at] cnb.com
Kevin W. Harrington
Kevin W. HarringtonCo-Chair
kwh [at] schwartzandshapiro.com

Executive Committee

Andrew G. Smith
Andrew G. SmithProgram Co-Chair
asmith [at] weinstocklaw.com
Dina Y. Nam
Dina Y. NamProgram Co-Chair
dina.nam [at] adviceperiod.com
Elizabeth G. Acevedo
Elizabeth G. AcevedoAssistant Program Co-Chair
eacevedo [at] weinstocklaw.com
David A. Shapiro
David A. ShapiroAssistant Program Co-Chair
david [at] davidshapirolaw.com
Courtney B. Cole
Courtney B. ColeLegal Updates Co-Chair
cole [at] jaklelaw.com
Jacqueline Yu
Jacqueline YuLegal Updates Co-Chair
jyu [at] jacquelineyulaw.com
Jennifer McNeil-Lozano
Jennifer McNeil-LozanoCo-Secretary
jennifer [at] mcneillozanolaw.com
Teal M. Schoonover
Teal M. SchoonoverCo-Secretary
tms [at] schwartzandshapiro.com
Terry M. Magady
Terry M. MagadyElder Law Subcommittee Chair
tmagady [at] magadylaw.com
Jennifer Louise Campbell
Jennifer Louise CampbellImmediate Past Co-Chair
jcampbell [at] loeb.com
Megan Ferkel Earhart
Megan Ferkel EarhartImmediate Past Co-Chair
mearhart [at] jmbm.com

Latest Videos

March 16, 2021 – Presentation of the Timothy Whitehouse Award to Managing Probate Attorney Dean J. Silliman at the BHBA event “Updates from the Probate Judges”.

August 4, 2020 – Presentation of the Timothy Whitehouse Award to Judge David J. Cowan. Judge Cowan was the Supervising Judge of the Probate & Mental Health Department of the Los Angeles County Superior Court before he became the Assistant Supervising Judge of the Civil Division. The Hon. Kevin Brazile, Presiding Judge of the LA Superior Court, and the Hon. Eric Taylor, now Assistant Presiding Judge of the LA Superior Court and incoming Presiding Judge for the 2021-2022 term, attended the BHBA event to congratulate Judge Cowan. More than 200 people virtually attended the BHBA event “Catching Up with the Probate Judges”.

Timothy Whitehouse Award Winners List:

2021 – Dean J. Silliman
2020 – Judge David J. Cowan
2019 – Judge Maria E. Stratton
2018 – Kenneth S. Wolf, Esq.
2017 – Commissioner Robert S. Wada
2016 – Bet Tzedek
2016 – Dana Hopkins, Esq.
2015 – Commissioner Brenda Penny
2015 – Harold Weinstock, Esq.
2014 – Judge Mitchell Beckloff
2013 – Harlean Carroll, Esq.
2012 – Judge Aviva K. Bobb
2011 – James R. Birnberg, Esq.
2010 – Sandy Riley, Esq.
2009 – Robert Spaak, Esq.
2008 – Commissioner H. Ronald Hauptman
2007 – Matthew Sanderson Rae Jr., Esq.
2006 – Ms. Christine Oshima
2005 – Carmen Alberio, Esq.
2004 – Commissioner Ann E. Stodden

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